World First NXP LPC5500 MCU Training!

Bringing Security & Intelligence to the IoT Edge with NXP's LPC5500 MCU

HandsOn-Training is proud to announce the world's first training on the LPC5500 - NXP's most performance efficient, secured, dual core Cortex-M33 based MCU.

The objective of this course is to give you a "first foot in the door” exposure to programming the LPC55S69 series of the LPC5500 family of MCUs from NXP and introduces you 
to key elements of the LPC55S69 through hands-on practice, in a series of labs, that cover different topics.You will learn how to use software developers' tools, such as 
the MCUXpresso IDE, to create and configure different types of projects from scratch, and learn how to build, download and debug these projects on the LPC55S69-EVK development board.   

Through these hands-on labs and learn by doing approach, we will focus on learning a variety of topics, including: 
Software/Tools Configuration 
Power Management
Multi-Core Programming
DSP Acceleration
TrustZone and more…

For deep-dive (3-days) TrustZone training on this platform please contact us.

About the LPC5500:
The LPC5500 MCU series leverages Arm's Cortex-M33 technology, combining significant product architecture enhancements and greater integration over previous generations; 
with dramatic power consumption improvements and advanced security feature including SRAM PUF-based root of trust and provisioning, real-time execution from encrypted images 
(internal flash), and asset protection with Arm® TrustZone®-M. 
In addition, the LPC5500 MCU series features seven scalable families, with a broad package and memory options, as well as a comprehensive MCUXpresso Software and Tools ecosystem 
and low-cost development boards. 
The LPC5500 series of MCUs is part of NXP's EdgeVerse™ edge computing platform

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