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HandsOn Training is a company that specializes in providing high quality technology courses that integrate practical work in FPGA, ARM, security and AI areas. 

The company is connected to the Hi-Tech market in Europe, US and Israel, and works with a wide range of business partners, such as silicon vendors, distributors, and tools development representatives, as well as highly experienced professional trainers.
The tight relationship with the silicon vendors enables us to offer the newest courses for the newest platforms in the world, enabling engineers to acquire know-how on the newest devices in their region. 

HandsOn Training develops the course contents tightly with silicon vendors, which leads to professional material that emphasizes and focuses on the engineer´s daily work needs. 

Mr. Oren Hollander, a senior lecturer with vast relationships and networking in the Hi-Tech market, established the company in order to build high quality know-how center with the silicon vendors, in order to bring the highest level of specialization to R&D engineers.
Thousands of engineers, from various companies, have already successfully completed training under Hollander and his team. 
The combination of professional training materials, an experienced training team, a tight connection to Hi-Tech projects and strong business partners makes each course the highest level of technology training. 

Our vision is to "Establish a know-how and excellence center in the FPGA and ARM segments.” 

We do not provide theoretical courses - only practical ("Hands-On”) training, employing the most advanced development tools, evaluation boards, operating systems and training material. 

In early 2013 we also began delivering courses globally in collaboration with our silicon partners, distributors and partners.

Why Choose Us Why Choose Us

The Trainers

Our trainers, led by Oren Hollander, Approved Arm & Intel trainer, are an expert team where each one of them have a unique specialization.
Areas of expertise are: Arm processors and IPs, FPGA design, Embedded Linux and RTOS, Computer vision, Cuda and OpenCL, Security for Embedded systems, and Artificial Intelligence.
Our experts provides consultancy services as well including: power consumption optimization, efficient hardware-software partitioning, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous multi-cores, AMP and SMP implementations, Arm TrustZone, Arm NEON, hardware attacks and mitigation, and machine/deep learning on FPGAs, processors and GPUs.
Our trainers tailor made the training to your needs!

Courses Material

Our courses are a combination of the vendor official training material (Arm, Intel ,NXP, ST, Newae, etc.) plus our "special sauce" based on system point of view and many years of experience, customer questions, and customer issues.
Thousands of questions asked during the years have been transformed into further material and practical labs (including interview questions). Thus, our courses achieve great success in the Hi-Tech market.
We provide certification for our courses in addition to Arm official certification (in Arm courses).


Companies can choose from a wide range of topics and build a training program that suits their needs according to topics, number of training days, experience levels and practical labs level - from our various courses which built from modular topics. We recommend consulting with us about it.
The practical labs can be done from our material or on YOUR SPECIFIC PROJECT!!

Industry Compatibility

Courses provide in-depth coverage of all design considerations, problems and solutions, development tools specialization, coding style and complex project design. the training is therefore able to prepare engineers for immediate work and help integrate their acquired knowledge into individual projects.

Practical Labs

All courses consist of practical work, "Hands-On” development tools and involve practical labs that embed digital problems for analysis and solution design. The labs are actually design problems from the industry, and the engineer will gain confidence in understanding and solving complex design problems at the end of the training.
Another option is to do hands-on labs on your own project! thus, getting training & consultancy at the same time!