Optimized C code for Cortex-M webinar was delivered for 900 attendees from leading companies

The Cortex-M processor family is based on the M-profile architecture that provides low-latency and highly deterministic operation for deeply embedded systems.
Writing efficient code and deep understanding of the compiler various options might lead to a better performance, code density and even lower power consumption.
In this webinar you are about to be exposed to the various compiler optimization options, C hints and tricks, and the trade-offs between various techniques.
If you write applications over Cortex-M or low-level drivers then this webinar is suited for you.

- Introduction to Cortex-M Code Optimizations
- Compiler Optimizations
- Coding Considerations
- Local and Global Data Issues
- Q & A

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/events/arm-optimizedccodeforcortex-m6815981201266900992/

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