Introduction to the Cortex-M55 webinar was delivered to more than 5000 attendees from leading companies

Cortex-M55 is Arm's most AI-capable Cortex-M processor and the first to feature Arm Helium technology.

It delivers the highest, most efficient ML and DSP performance for Cortex-M and also has inbuilt TrustZone security feature.

It simplifies AI implementation for IoT with the ease-of-use of Cortex-M, a single toolchain, optimized software libraries, and an industry-leading embedded ecosystem.

In this webinar you are about to be exposed to the Cortex-M55 architecture, capabilities and what makes it unique versus previous Cortex-M processors.

If you plan to enable classical ML and NN inference locally on your devices plus have security as well, then this webinar is suited for you.

- Why Cortex-M55?
- Cortex-M55 Architecture and New Features
- What is Helium Technology?
- Compiler Support
- Q & A


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