HandsOn-Training in collaboration with Arrow Electronics provides you "Intel FPGA Designer Program"

HandsOn Training and Arrow Electronics proudly annouce the "Intel FPGA Designer Program"

The most comprehensive FPGA training program in the market, previously available for Intel's engineers as an internal training program is now available for the broad market!

Topics covered:
- Become familiar with Intel FPGA/CPLD families and their capabilities
- Understand the design process from specification up to programming and final verification on board
- Implement combinational and sequential processes
- Build a hierarchy (bottom-up and top-down)
- Write test-benches
- Understand coding style considerations for synthesis
- Become familiar with TimeQuest and sdc files to insert timing constraints
- Employ efficient design methodologies for high frequency or minimal area
- Configure and embed IP in the design
- Produce and analyze reports
- Identify and fix timing issues
- Utilize the FPGA architecture in the most efficient way with proper RTL coding style 
- Design pipeline circuits with an emphasis on latency and throughput
- Close design timing and optimize critical path
- Configure and use PLL in the design
- Design a reliable multi-clock domains system with synchronization circuits
- Design a reliable reset circuits
- Optimize the design with synthesis and Place & Route tools
- Program the FPGA on board
- Use SignalTap II, SignalProbe, and other on-board verification tools

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About Arrow Electronics:
Arrow Electronics, Inc. is a provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. 
The Company has a portfolio of product offerings available from various electronic components and enterprise computing solutions suppliers. 
The Company's segments include the global components business; the global enterprise computing solutions (ECS) business, and corporate business segment. 
It distributes electronic components to original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers through its global components business segment. 
Through global ECS business segment, it provides enterprise computing solutions to value-added resellers. 
The Global components segment markets and distributes electronic components and provides a range of value-added capabilities. 
Global ECS' portfolio of computing solutions includes datacenter, cloud, security, and analytics solutions.

About HandsOn-Training:
HandsOn-Training is a company that specializes in providing high quality technology training.

Launched in 2012, HandsOn-Training ongoing mission to empower Embedded Systems Software and Hardware professionals with the practical skills and 
knowledge they need to make superior products.

HandsOnTraining specializes in:
FPGA design and verification (including specific Altera, Lattice, Microsemi, Xilinx know-how)
ARM (SoC and Embedded)
Embedded and IoT Security
SoC design and verification (including complex verification techniques)
Machine Learning

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