Advanced Hardware Hacking 2021 Edition!

Hardware hacking becomes one of the hottest topics in the cybersecurity field.

Side-Channel Power Analysis and Fault Injection - Freaky methods of extracting secret keys from embedded systems that doesn't rely on exploits or coding errors. 
Learn how to crack AES-128 key in less than 60 seconds, bypass Secure-Boot, bypass Firmware protections, Passwords and more… 
Are your products vulnerable to such attacks? This training is loaded with hands-on examples to teach you not just how to perform such attacks, but also how to implement countermeasures!
Join our training to learn how to hack and protect your embedded devices (FPGA, MCU, MPU).
HandsOn-Training is NewAE Certified Training Partner!

Advanced Hardware Hacking 2021 Edition is an upgraded version of the NewAE's BlackHat training.

About NewAE:
NewAE Technology Inc. is a Canadian company that is revolutionizing the hardware security market by making every engineer and designer aware of side-channel power analysis and 
glitching as important attack vectors.

NewAE Technology Inc. is dedicated to providing tools for performing embedded hardware security research, and making these tools widely available by not only minimizing the 
cost but also by keeping the designs open. NewAE Technology Inc. hopes to fundamentally change the ecosystem of embedded development by making all engineers aware of both the 
theoretical and practical issues of side-channel power analysis and fault attacks.

About HandsOn-Training:
HandsOn-Training is a company that specializes in providing high quality technology training.

Launched in 2012, HandsOn-Training ongoing mission to empower Embedded Systems Software and Hardware professionals with the practical skills and 
knowledge they need to make superior products.

HandsOnTraining specializes in:
FPGA design and verification (including specific Altera, Lattice, Microsemi, Xilinx know-how)
ARM (SoC and Embedded)
Embedded and IoT Security
SoC design and verification (including complex verification techniques)
Machine Learning

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