Security for Medical Devices & eHealth

Course Objectives

Security for Medical Devices and eHealthComprehensive Training for a Safer Healthcare FutureCourse DescriptionIn an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of securing medical devices cannot be overstated.
Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects of medical device security, from development to post market surveillance, equipping participants with a deep understanding of industry best practices.

Our 4-Days training curriculum consists of 12 engaging modules that cover a wide range of topics, including:
• Introduction to Medical Device Security
• Establishing a Cybersecurity Focus
• Standards and Regulations
• Supply Chain Management
• Medical Device Development Lifecycle
• Security in Production and Sales
• Post market Lifecycle for Medical Device Manufacturers
• Health Delivery Organization (HDO) Lifecycle
• Documentation and Artifacts
• Organizational Development and Roles
• Security Technology, Tools, and Practices
• Post Launch and Incident Response

General Information


Target Audience

The Security for Medical Devices and eHealth training program, designed to empower healthcare professionals, engineers, and manufacturers with the knowledge and skills needed to protect patients and ensure secure, reliable medical devices.

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