Cortex-R52+ Software Development

Course Objectives

Cortex-R52+ builds on its predecessor, the Arm Cortex-R52, to assist integration and virtualization for functional safety applications, while maintaining software compatibility. 
Cortex-R52+ software development is a 3-days ARM official course.
The course goes into great depth and provides all necessary know-how to develop software for systems based on Cortex-R52+ processor. 
The course covers the ARMv8-R architecture, processor architecture, memory ordering, memory protection unit (MPU), caches and TCMs, safety, Assembler language, synchronization, barriers, virtualization, debug, boot, GIC, C for ARM and exception handling. 

General Information


  • Computer architecture background
  • C and Assembler
  • Experience in developing embedded systems 

Duration & Attendance

3 days

Target Audience

Software engineers that would like developing software and BSP for platforms based on Cortex-R52+ processor.

Additional Information

Teaching Methods & Tools

  • ARM official course book

Evaluation & Certification

At the end of the course the participant will receive a certificate from ARM.