HandsOn-Training provides the following services:

1. Training

In-House Tailored-Made Training: Choose the course duration and content which fit your specific needs
Public Training: Join our open classes in case you have few engineers that require the training
Online Live Training: Save travel time & expanses with our remote live training 
Training Development: Content & practical labs development for specific board/OS/SDK

2. Consultancy

Intel & Microsemi FPGA: Timing closure, sdc review, power consumption optimization, HW-SW efficient partitioning, ARM in FPGA, decrease compilation time, high-speed design, security
ARM: validation, architecture review, SW optimization, NEON optimization, TrustZone, debug architecture, multi-core efficient configuration (SMP/AMP), power consumption optimization, efficient C/C++ programming, barriers
Security: design review, side channel attacks & mitigation, fault injection & mitigation, blockchain, reverse engineering, TrustZone for entire SoC
NXP: i.MX6/7/8/RT families, LPC55xx family, Kinetis family
ST: STM32 families

3. Design Services

Security architecture
Linux & RTOS