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Our Course Advantages:
1. The trainer – Oren Hollander has 12 years of experience with FPGA projects design and training hundreds of engineers. Hollander specializes in understanding the market needs, integrating every new feature into his trainings, and providing consulting services to various companies. In addition, Hollander exclusively leads Altera SoC trainings in Israel.

2. Courses material – All courses are developed in HandsOnTraining either internally or with ALTERA support, and this is our most important intellectual property. In addition, thousands of questions asked during the years have been transformed into further material and practical labs. Thus, our courses achieve great success in the Hi-Tech market.

3. Modularity – Companies can choose from a wide range of topics and build a training program that suits their needs according to topics, number of training days, experience levels and practical labs level - from our various courses which built from modular topics. We recommend consulting with us about it.

4. Industry compatibility – Courses provide in-depth coverage of all design considerations, problems and solutions, development tools specialization and coding style and complex project design. the training is therefore able to prepare engineers for immediate work and help integrate their acquired knowledge into individual projects.

5. Practical labs – All courses consist of practical work, "Hands-On” development tools and involve practical labs that embed digital problems for analysis and solution design. The labs are actually design problems from the industry, and the engineer will gain confidence in understanding and solving complex design problems at the end of the training.

FPGA devices become more complex and integrative from year to year, a fact that creates new challenges for design, timing closure, hardware-software integration, system on chip complexity and verification.


HandsOnTraining delivers a wide range of professional training at different experience levels and provides an added value to every FPGA engineer.


HandsOnTraining is an official ALTERA Technical Training Partner (ATTP), integrating the official ALTERA courses with our specialized expertise.


Course material creation is based on many years of experience in training and project design, while taking into account market tendencies and needs, technology progress, FPGA complexity and design requirements for high-speed and low-power design.


We work with up-to-date development tools from MentorGraphics and ALDEC which incorporated into our practical labs in every course.


HandsOnTraining offers public and on-site trainings in Israel and Europe.