i.MX8M Multimedia Workshop (3 days)

Course Objectives

 The i.MX8M family of application processors provide industry-leading video and audio processing for applications, that scale from consumer home audio to industrial building automation and mobile computers.
On this workshop we´ll specifically target the i.MX8M with the following feature highlights:
  • Video quality with full 4K UltraHD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Highest levels of pro audio fidelity
  • Dual displays Up to 4Kp60 resolution on the HDMI 2.0a output and 1080p60 resolution on the MIPI-DSI (4-lanes) interface
  • Graphical Processing Unit provides a 4-shader graphics core supporting the latest OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 3.0, OpenVG and Vulkan standards
  • Video processing unit Playback all the latest video standards up to 4K resolution using h.264, h.265 and VP9 (for YouTube 4K) codecs with HDR
This Workshop adopts a practical approach for learning the I.MX8M multimedia architecture and during the workshop, you´ll take active part in several labs.
We´ll explore typical application use-cases, such as:
  • Selecting the output display or displays, setting resolution and playing video content on each display or both
  • Decode and stream 4K video file to HDMI display
  • Face detection on a live video and stream it to two displays (via HDMI & MIPI-DSI)
  • Filter applying on a live video stream and exploring performance while applying it on a CPU vs. GPU       
As we go through the use-cases we´ll delve into the underlying HW accelerators and get a deeper understanding of the architecture and its functionality.
This Workshop aims to provide you with an introduction with software tools/drivers on top of the Linux system to access and manipulate the multimedia accelerators. During the practical labs you´ll get familiar with Gstreamer, v4l2 and OpenCL and more.
By the end of this workshop you should have a good understanding of the Multimedia system, its capabilities and how it can be configured and manipulated.
This should give you a head start when you develop your own iMX8M based product.

Available Countries


General Information


  • i.MX8M architecture is recommended
  • Experience in developing embedded systems
  • C/C++ knowledge

Duration & Attendance

3 days

Target Audience

Software engineers that would like developing multimedia applications based on i.MX8M SoC.

Additional Information

Teaching Methods & Tools

Evaluation Board: Variscite DART-MX8M