Quartus Prime Tcl Scripting

Course Objectives

This course presents the Tcl scripting capabilities in the Quartus Prime software.
The course begins by introducing the industry-standard Tcl scripting language supported by Quartus Prime to customize functionality or automate tasks.
It covers syntax and basic data types such as strings, lists, and arrays.
The course continuous by covering commonly used Quartus Prime software Tcl packages and four common uses of Tcl scripting in the Quartus Pro compilation flow, with examples.
The course also covers useful Tcl commands in the Quartus Pro software, accessing command?line options, and running Tcl scripts.
 The course combines 50% theory with 50% practical work.

General Information


  • FPGA design
  • TimeQuest

Duration & Attendance

2 days

Target Audience

Hardware engineers who develop FPGAs and would like to automate processes within Quartus Prime software

Additional Information

Teaching Methods & Tools

  • Quartus Prime software
  • Course book (including labs)

Evaluation & Certification

Certification is provided to each attendee