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HandsOn Training is a company that specializes in providing technology courses that integrate practical work in FPGA and ARM areas.


The company is connected to the Hi-Tech market in Israel and Europe and works with a wide range of business partners, such as silicon vendors, distributors, and tools development representatives, as well as highly experienced professional trainers.


The tight relationship with the silicon vendors provides the newest courses for the newest platforms in the world, enabling engineers to acquire know-how on the newest devices without the need to travel abroad.


HandsOn Training develops the course contents directly with silicon vendors, which leads to professional material that emphasizes and focuses on the engineer´s daily work needs.


Mr. Oren Hollander, a senior lecturer with vast relationships and networking in the Hi-Tech market, established the company in order to build a know-how center with the silicon vendors, in order to bring the highest level of specialization to R&D engineers.


Hundreds of engineers, from various companies, have already successfully completed trainings under Hollander at different training facilities such as Sela College, John Bryce College, Open University, and Technology College.


The combination of professional training materials, an experienced training team, a tight connection to Hi-Tech projects and strong business partners makes each course the highest level of technology training.


Our vision is to "Establish a know-how and excellence center in the FPGA and ARM segments.”


We do not provide theoretical courses - only practical ("Hands-On”) training, employing the most advanced development tools, evaluation boards, operating systems and training material.


In early 2013 we also began delivering courses in Europe in collaboration with our silicon partners, distributors and various training centers.